Family Support Center

In order to promote best practices for supporting the success of Yalow children, the school created a partnership with Montefiore School Health Program, where parents will find additional support and be connected with other parents by participating in the 10-week Family support Center. Working with a team of behavioral health professionals, parents can hone their stress management skills and their knowledge of early childhood development, while children in the program can learn to adapt their behavior, practicing social skills in a supportive environment. Result: children feel more confident and capable.

The Rosalyn Yalow Charter School understands that young children respond with sometimes erratic behavior to changes in their environment. For children from homes where a different culture flourishes or a different language is spoken, navigating between the culture of school and home is an additional challenge for them. For children crossing this divide to feel and be successful in both environments they have to code switch and often values switch, managing a range of expectations. The transition can be difficult, especially for kindergarteners and 1st graders.

The Family Support Center’s parent-child experience has a positive and lasting impact on the family unit. The program’s goal: fostering a stronger family bond—which research has found is crucial for optimal brain development in young children—resulting in improved focus and academic achievement, the ultimate goal for every parent.

Parents signing up for the program can also request additional Montefiore services, such as classroom observations, home interventions, assessments, and recommendation for additional services if needed.

Yalow is proud of its partnership with Montefiore School Health Program. Take a moment to view the video from one recent session, below.