Parents’ Corner

bae_violin_students_02Rosalyn Yalow Charter School’s enrollment is determined by lottery, and the school will heavily recruit for English language learner students, those with disabilities, and those eligible for the free and reduced-price lunch program.

Here is the place where parents will get ongoing information about the Yalow Charter School—its building, its academics, its special events for parents to attend throughout the school year—arts exhibits and performances, museum visits, fencing matches, chess tournaments…


We acknowledge our parents’ fervent commitment to their children’s education, a big part of their decision to choose the Yalow Charter School. In the “Commitment to Excellence” form we ask parents to sign, we state that parents should provide a safe and encouraging place for the daily homework reading, from books or tapes, and make sure their child gets enough sleep and arrives at school on time. A Welcome Package asks for phone numbers so that a responsible adult is always available for contact, and every year a family photo is requested so that the school will have an up-to-date gallery.  We promise our parents that we’ll provide a secure building and that we will educate the whole child—with rich extracurriculars as well as rigorous classes.

bae_modern_dance_studentsWe want our parents to be an active voice and presence in that education. So keep us informed about your children’s experience at school and at home—by email, letter, or phone call. And we hope to see you at school and at school events many, many times.