School Buses 2023

New York City is not making buses available for the first few weeks of school. Yalow will assist families obtain City issued Metro cards.

Office of Pupil Transportation: (718) 392-8855

When parents experience any problem with student pick-up in the morning or drop-off in the evening, you must call the Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) at (718) 392-8855. Phone lines are open between 5:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Please do not call the school.

If a parent or guardian is not at the bus stop when the bus arrives in the evening, the bus company will take the child to a  nearby police station for parent/guardian pick-up. The Chancellor’s regulation is here: OPT Policy: Dropping Off a Child When the Parent/Guardian is Not at Home or the Child Refuses to Leave the Bus.

Find Your Child’s Bus Stop or Route
Which bus route has my child been assigned? If you know your child’s student ID and birthday, you can get the answer to this and other questions on the OPT Transportation Search Page by clicking search.

If you don’t know your child’s student ID, call the Office of Pupil Transportation at (718) 392-8855.

Did The Bus Break Down?
Sometimes buses are delayed because of traffic congestion or mechanical failure. Check bus delay to see if your child’s route has been affected.

Is My Child Eligible for Yellow Bus Transportation?
Your child’s eligibility depends upon how old he or she is and how near your residence is to the school. Get more information here.

The Office of Pupil Transportation provides Specialized Transportation services for some students with IEPs. Click here for more information.


Full-fare student MetroCards are provided at no cost to eligible students and are good on MTA subways and non-express buses. MetroCards ae available in the School office, 347-735-5480.

Student MetroCards are different from regular MetroCards. A student MetroCard has three trips and three transfers.

(Subway + bus = one trip and one transfer)

Student Behavior on Buses
As stated in Yalow Charter School’s Student and Family Handbook, students who misbehave on the school buses may be suspended from the bus or lose bus privileges entirely.