The Rosalyn Yalow Charter School is a K-5 grade school in District 7 of the Bronx, which opened September 1, 2015 with 211 K-1 students. Now in our ninth year, Yalow serves 466 K-5 students. It honors Nobel Laureate Rosalyn S. Yalow (1921-2011), a physicist and the second American woman to win the Nobel Prize in Medicine (1977). Dr. Yalow was a lifelong Bronx resident, raising two children there, where at the Bronx VA hospital she crafted her Nobel award-winning research in radioimmunoassay, a method initially used to measure insulin in the blood and expanded to cover many substances of biologic interest.

Our hope is that Dr. Yalow’s legacy will inspire a new generation of Bronx children to work hard at their education and strive for success.

The Rosalyn Yalow Charter School fosters a collaborative learning environment, using arts, music, and disciplined activities such as chess and fencing to engage the children and their families in the education process. The school has a longer school day—9 hours—and integrates academic teaching with arts, music, chess, and fencing throughout the day (no after-school programs). Yalow Charter School is data-driven, using the NWEA and STEP assessment programs to guide teachers, administrators, and Board members in making professional development decisions. In addition to two teachers in each classroom, we currently have a 16-person Response to Intervention team, staffed with reading interventionists, and special education and English language learning teachers reporting to the director of assessment.

Our campus at Cardinal Hayes High School is beautiful, with amenities such as a 10,000 square foot playground as well as a large auditorium for student music programs.

The NYS Education Department named Rosalyn Yalow a 2020 Achievement Recognition School, placing Yalow in the top 13%  of all public schools in New York State. In addition to strong academic programs, we will provide our students with free mental health counseling, in addition to medical, dental, and vision care at no cost to families without insurance from Montefiore’s School Health Program.