An Appeal to our Parents for Giving Tuesday

We hope you will join us in supporting our work as a charter school to eliminate the learning achievement gap for economically disadvantaged urban children—including special needs students and English language learners.

  Yalow’s 2023 ELA & math test scores available by clicking on Parent Dashboard, above.

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Apply now to receive a private school education as a public charter. Our programs build self-worth through chorus, chess, violin, fencing, art, and strong academics with small-group instruction.

When a kindergarten student enrolls they receive a free tablet and a free uniform!

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Rosalyn Yalow Charter School  is accepting transfer students for kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade. To transfer your child today, click the Transfer button.

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4-Year Charter Renewal

On March 2, 2020, the NYS Board of Regents voted to grant the Rosalyn Yalow Charter School a four-year charter renewal. In the past three years only four NYS charters have been awarded a four-year renewal, which is a strong vote of confidence in Yalow’s model and the progress we’ve made, growing from 210 to 510 students. Click the button to read the official commentary from the March 2, 2020 Regents’ meeting.

Rosalyn Yalow Song Highlighting Violin, Fencing, & Chess

Sung by one of Yalow’s 3rd-grade students, Mason Leggett. The musical score was written and composed by his father, Anthony Leggett.

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Why you should enroll your child at The Yalow Charter School

Yalow's Chess Team Competes at New York Athletic Club

Yalow's Winter Fencing Championship

A Day in the Life of Rosalyn Yalow Charter School

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Parent Engagement

Family Support Center

The program’s goal: fostering a stronger family bond—which research has found is crucial for optimal brain development in young children—resulting in improved focus and academic achievement. In November 2020 Rosalyn
Yalow became a partner of the Montefiore School Health Program.

Metropolitan Opera Performs at Yalow April 29

Violin Rehearsal

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Diet and Sleep for Tournaments

David MacEnulty, coach of the Dalton chess team, perennial national champions, met with 20-some parents of Yalow’s chess and fencing teams to discuss the importance of a healthy diet and good sleeping habits before and during competitions, such as the weekend-long ones.

Parent Orientation to Competitive Chess with David MacEnulty
Parent Orientation to Competitive Chess with David MacEnulty

3rd-, 4th- and 5th-Grade Violin Recital Jun 21, 2024

Yalow’s Choral Performance

Bronx Opera Choral Performance

Family Support Center