Rosalyn Yalow Charter School is a new charter school, and as such we have only a limited immediate need for specific volunteer activities. Ms. Monique Evans is our designated on-staff volunteer coordinator in charge of organizing the volunteer activities for the school. Some of the immediate volunteering needs are: escorting our students off and on the school buses in the morning and evening; helping in the cafeteria during breakfast and lunch to assist with the distribution of meals, help with clean-up, and monitor the children. As future needs for volunteers arise, they will be organized by the coordinator with the approval of the principal and executive director. People in our community, such as family members of the students and our neighboring churchgoers, have asked about ways to give their time to the school. In response, we will recruit them by first having all volunteers fingerprinted before assisting the school. Rosalyn Yalow Charter School will be paying for the fingerprinting. Due to the expense of the fingerprinting, we will request long-term commitment from our potential volunteers. We will have a detailed schedule of when the volunteers will be assigned to each specific task. We will also keep our base of volunteers to a minimum at the beginning of our program due to the cost of fingerprinting. Therefore our base of volunteers will be a small but dedicated and dependable group. Looking to the future, we are continuing to expand our volunteer program to include other activities, such as tutoring, special creative activities in the school, even service learning partnerships with outside organizations. We will keep our eyes open and continually reassess our volunteer program to see how we can optimize it in meeting the needs of our school. To volunteer, please e-mail Ms. Evans at [email protected] Community outreach We would like District 9 residents and other volunteers to reach out to community families of young children, and help spread  word about our new charter school. Following charter approval, we will distribute bilingual notices and recruit door to door and at community centers distributing Yalow Charter School information to families in District 9. You may download and edit the following volunteer form.